“Both and and or use short-cut evaluation; that is, the second operand is evaluated only if necessary”

It’s really for Codea ?

Because I have a bug with a conditionals, the second operand is evaluated

Hmm - “and” will always evaulate the second operand - it has to, or it can’t know ‘and’.

No, “and” will only evaluate the second if the first is true, if the first is false what’s the point?

But lua is slightly different to other languages here. Only “false” and “nil” are “false”. So 0 and “” (empty string) evaluate to “true”.

What’s the code, Hyro? (Is that an acceptable short form of your username?)

yes, I accept short form of my LONG username, I’m simple man ^^ (with a long username x] )

excuse me, but I’ve read a bad line in my code, my error was in previous line.

so, lua really use short-cut evaluation for AND and OR and my eyes isn’t totally good

Sigh. Sorry - brain cloud, you’re right of course. I blame small children.