Codebin, a code database?

Hey guys I was just wondering if I should make a website on example code, and your thinking Codea forums has code on it to share, yes it does but its not organized and I believe that if I create a website for just code examples then it will be more clear and understand what your looking for.

Prototype website:

I like it, nice looking! If CC was more of a store front view for all examples on it it would do the job, it needs to be more openly accessible but I guess it’s only made for iPads. It’s a good idea though.

Just my opinion on CC’s website: I think the way it’s set up is very unresponsive and unintuitive. Its got the features a need, now we just need the look. I’m curious why CC is not using a native interface.

It looks good, i believe I tried something like this a LOOONNNGGG time ago, and I hope it works out for you! :slight_smile:

I’m not getting any response from the site when I click on any links. Explore code does nothing, About and Contact bring up a blank white rectangle covering half of the page.

I’m using FF26 on a Mac.

@Andrew_Stacey, its just the design its not functional yet.

If anyone wants to help please PM me :slight_smile:

Ill help

@Zoyt I kind of agree. The interface could use some work.

I updated the site a little bit, @CodeaNoob PM me your skype.

Site Update:

I put some effects in the effects section check them out!


Could you put authors in?

@CodeaNoob +1

I would definitely add authors.

Also, the “play effect” has odd indentation. (And it uses CurrentTouch, which in my opinion should be discouraged because it is very glitchy and causes many problems when you want to add in multitouch support.)

Edit: The Codea links should say “buy,” not “download.” I would assume something that you could “download” would be free.