CodeaBalls: A library to create soft bodies

Today, After working for 3 hours, I have made my first library: CodeaBalls !
It let’s you create soft bodies/balls, But they are not light, They use alot of cpu.

Import Project Code:

If you want to try the demo, Run the project, Or import it in your game.


Do not set high frequency for the ball or you’ll get something like this:

Thanks for IndieRetro/Shorefire (In for creating the tutorial in his blog:

Note: I’m using meshes to fill the ball !

Give feedback if possible

@RamiLego4Game - nice work!

The ball doesn’t seem to deform when it hits the sides or top - I guess there’s always room for improvement! :wink:

Pretty cool!

@Ignatz If you want the ball to deform when it hits the sides, you need to turn down the frequency.

exceeding, soft ball is more interesting than hard ball

Thanks for feedback everyone