# Codea written in Codea - Vote for a name ! - Development Thread

Hello Codea Community ! I’m happy to show you Codea written in Codea.

I know a lot of people think Codea is just for prototyping. This project show why is not just for prototyping tiny things. You can make everything you want. (Maybe not the best for 3D apps, but with a lot of works, you can do something good ! Like the Ignatz or Andrew Stacey project on Planes !)

I’m not really good with shaders and meshes, that’s why Codeaception use sprites and some little tricks for the moment.

Ok, first, a little video for show some tests :


Now, help me to choose a good name for this project and open a github repository !
Vote or make suggestions !


    Votes : Title : lead sentence
  - 1.5 : Codeaception : Codea inside Codea
  - 1.5 : OpenCodea : Open Source Codea
  - 0 : Hitor : Blackshun Editor (yes, blackshun and not blacksun)
  - 0 : Møkãc? : Modular - Hackable - Open Source
  - 1 : iCode : iOs Lua Coding
  - 0 : Kraken : Krak code
  - 1 : Codea

Current Features

  - Code viewer
  - Draft main menu
  - Draft launch of project

Current work :

  - GithubAPI : for backup this project and integrate it inside

ToDo :

  - Custom
  - Code viewer to Code editor
  - Launch every projects
  - Main menu
  - CodeaCommunity & Dropbox integration
  - Packages

— Project inspired by Codea community, Atom, Breach.

— Thanks to @Zoyt for ‘Codea Mockup’ and @Andrew_Stacey for ‘RoundedRect’ code !

@HyroVitalyProtago do you plan to make the source code available? I’m excited for this project!

@Monkeyman32123 Yes, all code on Github (and surely in CodeaCommunity when it’s ready) !

Wow! Amazing, really looking forward to it. Is the name stuff still open? I’d go for OpenCodea. Great job, keep working on it!

Hello guys !

In first, I’ve a lot of work currently, so for the moment, there is no upgrade. But I havent forget it !

@Goatboy76 Just from scratch ! And yes, this is a lot of work, but this is really interesting and could be great for the community ! I don’t know what’s for you “a Codea separate program”, It’s Codea in Codea and yes, more user expandable.

@se24vad Thanks for your interest !

@FLCode For the moment, I have worked on viewer and editor, so, yes, the main menu isn’t beautiful, it’s just a little draft :wink: Thanks for voting !

Could use a better font than Copperplate for the title, but other than that, it’s amazing! (Maybe you might even just use Helvetica?)
For the name, I’d go with OpenCodea.

Great work, I vote for the name iCode

Crazy stuff! But what it its intention? What is it for - Just to showcase Codea?

Woa, is that a multiline,apple worthy textbox in codea? -I want one! :slight_smile:

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Edit: comment no longer reqiured

We all love Codea, but sometimes something is missing, like a Main menu with another sorts for projects or a real support of some versioning system. If you prefer an editor with more gestures and less buttons, you can do it ! Sharing project is not allowed by Apple into the real Codea, that’s why there is CodeaCommunity, and I want integrate it for a better experience.

My goal is to do something similar of Atom (https://atom.io/). An open source hackable text editor. All people can customise it and add functionalities, changes themes, menu and others things.

Another thing, my project can work on iPhone too, and you can try to change design for it. Maybe löve2D can run it too, and if someday a runtime is compatible with Android…

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@NatTheCoder - what you say is true - it is hard to read what people mean in writing - and perhaps you need to take your own advice. Saying the suggestion was useless seems rude, when you could have just have said you thought it was unnecessary. Being polite costs nothing.

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@NatTheCoder - the word “useless” is rude because it implies the other person is stupid. If you posted some code and I said it was useless, I’m sure you would get upset, too.

Saying you disagree is fine, it doesn’t insult the other person.

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@NatTheCoder - that’s much better, thank you.

@HyroVitalyProtago This is impressive and kind of strange. Did you do some sort of port or did you make it from scratch? I dont mean to rain on anyones parade but why redo all of this work? Sure, its fun to make and proves that Codea is more than just prototyping. Is your goal to make a Codea seperate program thats more user expandable?

if he succeeds to do it properly - you could make a whole development suite with it (including visual editor for assets, etc…), which open up new possibilities! that’s exiting!