Codea to Flash

So for my iGEM team, i’m in charge of developing a flash game for our Wiki, and i’d like to know if anyone has any experience in Flash and could recommend the best software to use, or even better, if there’s a way to convert Codea to AS3?

Have a look at the FlashDevelop IDE - Lua has a totally different syntax to AS3 so porting code would be a pain - also Flash uses a retained mode graphics setup (ie you add things to a stage hierarchy and then forget about them, they get drawn automatically), where as Codea uses a direct mode approach (ie you have to explictly call all your own draw functions directly) - you can emulate or create your own stage approach but it’s a fair bit of work to get all the translations etc sorted correctly.

Also apart from the language difference, Codea’s real power is the API to apple hardware capabilities and the inbuilt libraries like Box2d, and you won’t have those in flash.

Definitely the access to shaders is going to make a real difference - I forgot those.