Codea sprites

I have a question How can I add sprites in a room please tell me the code


What do you mean with in a room? If you mean in a 3D space you can add a mesh with a sprite as its texture.

no a 2d space where a given sprite is purely

as Dungeon roller

Please be much more specific next time you post on what you want, and don’t split it up into a bunch of seperate comments. But I think what you want is one of the most basic functions in Codea, sprite(name, x, y). Please just look it up in the documentation next time, though. Press the eye icon on your keyboard to bring it up.

I have nothing have already tried this variant but found

please give my the code please

I have no idea what the code you want is, then. You keep on posting half of a sentence, and as far as I can tell what you want is, that was it. sprite() is what was used in Dungeon Roller.

Can you help me out a bit more? By room, do you mean the screen, or something like an image of a room?

Edit: By adding a sprite, do you mean something like every time you touch the screen it adds a sprite where you touched?

@Progrmmierer1 sorry but you have to start with doing something yourself first. Then we can help you to improve it. You have to work yourself.

I want to insert a pawn to remain in the room you can German

so again I have already tried but I need help or I’d ask nich

I’ve done it

When you have written a code, if you want help you have to post this code here between 3 ‘~’ characters and then you can ask your question.