Codea Runtime Library - Android?

So I know in the FAQ it says that an android version of Codea may come eventually…but my question is about porting the runtime library so that apps built with Codea could be submitted to Google Play and the Amazon app store.

The code is already in Lua and the apps people are building can support multiple resolutions - it would mainly require the lua hooks to be recreated for Android.

I really like Codea in its current state, but having multiple platform support would make it awesome.

Quick note - Codea was NOT made to publish apps. It’s original intention was to create prototypes of apps, not to publish them. That being said, Codea is turning into an application creator.
Anyways, the Codea team is not one of those teams that sits back and relaxes and lets the money come to them. They are always working. To add an android runtime will make updates come at half the speed they are now, and would make them rip their hair out writing the same code twice. Although, I do agree with you. An android engine would be nice.

I’ve made a pretty incomplete runtime for Codea on Android using Moai as the runtime.

@tnlogy - Nice! Lua written in Lua! Sounds interesting. Is the performance good?

Yes, it is quite ok. Can surely speed it up a bit when using meshes since that matches Moai’s prop2d class more closely that drawing each display frame in detail. So it is just using the moai API to mimic the Codea API.