Codea Play

The competition end date is Saturday, February 18.

###Codea Play###

We’ve been working on a lot of Codea related things. I want to share this one with you.

Codea Play Icon

It’s called Codea Play and it will be a free, universal iOS App. Codea Play is designed to show off your best projects and games, and to give people a sample of what Codea is all about. It will include a fully featured editor that can edit and run a single Codea buffer — that’s one tab, one edit session, and the full Codea engine.

Codea Play Screenshot


We’re announcing the first competition now. The theme is games. Simple, fun and polished games.

The top entries will be released with Codea Play.

The competition end date is Saturday, February 18.

  • Entries should be complete games rather than prototypes. Complete simply means the game has a simple menu, game, levels, scoring, and a game-over screen. Some of those may not apply to your game, but you get the idea.

  • Simple, focused ideas are encouraged. Take something fun and polish it, make it a game.

  • Entries should work in fullscreen mode. I suggest they incorporate the standard Codea buttons unless there is a very good reason not to.

  • Entries are encouraged to take advantage of unique Codea features, such as allowing players to record videos of their games.

  • Entries should work in portrait or landscape orientation, or both. It should lock its orientation to whatever it supports rather than breaking when the device is rotated.

  • Entries should use WIDTH and HEIGHT to layout graphics. Do not assume a fixed screen size.

There is no specific theme. If anything, the theme is simple and polished. Take a cool idea you have and make it shine, make it a great experience from start to finish. Keep your expression simple and concise, don’t tackle something too complicated.

Custom sprite packs are allowed, though by no means necessary. If used, ensure they are not too large - under 2 MB is a good guide. I realize this involves a little bit of hackery in the current version of Codea, but we don’t want to stop people from using them if they would like to.

You are encouraged to share your project as you develop it. Make a thread for it on the forums, use the new ‘Competition’ category. Feel free to post project updates in your thread.

We don’t know if there will be prizes yet - though we have some thoughts.

###Technical Info###

  • How to submit? We will set up a competition submission email address shortly.

  • How do I test my entry on iPhone? The winners will get beta access to Codea Play (as well as Codea) so they can export a .codea package and import it directly into the pre-release Codea Play on iPhone for testing.

  • I don’t have an iPhone. If you have a winning entry and no iPhone/iPod, we’ll make sure it works.

  • When submitting an entry, please also provide us with your name and a link you would like us to use to link back to you. This information will be displayed on the Codea Play home screen.

What do I think? Wow. Just wow. Looks great. Feels (not the right word but you know what I mean…) great.

Codea Play is a fantastic title. Well done lad (lads?).

Thanks @Blanchot! Glad you like it.

Wow from me too! I love the icon and title :slight_smile:

So am I understanding correctly - Codea Play will essentially be a cut down version of Codea that acts primarily as a gallery of the best stuff created with Codea, selected by you guys? (and then also an editor so people can take the engine for a spin)

Yea! Can’t tell you how happy I am to see this.

Perhaps the best feature you could have added. I love it.

Nice Title, Nice Icon, Nice Interface… Good News… I love it! But, For me it’s a little problem. I have not spent time needed to learn Codea, so, I will attend the next competition. I want to mean, I will join in the next competition. =((

Wow! Great looking app guys, I’m very excited like everybody else… I must learn programming faster - is there a Keanu Reeves Matrix style learning method? " I know Lua…!!!" Good luck to the entrants :slight_smile:

@frosty that’s exactly right.

Thanks for the responses, everyone. We’ll set up a proper thread or page for the competition.

YAY! FINALLY! Dang. I wish I was allowed to skip from 7th grade to 10th so I could learn geometry… Next, when you mean “Take something fun and polish it, make it a game.”, we can’t use already built code (like code in the examples) and add a little to it and re-skin it? That’s not my plan anyways. I felt discouraged when people just re-skinned apps and put it in my competition. I have no chance of winning, but I’ll enter… I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am. Are you ever goon to add a utilities and library’s section? Thanks you SO much!

No one is stopping you learning geometry @Zoyt, you have the internet at your fingertips (though I guess trying to understand linear algebra at year 7 is probably a big ask.)

Don’t let the school system slow your learning down. If you want to learn something, you are probably ready to.

I’m thinking about doing a course with iBooks 2 textbooks this summer :slight_smile: And I just noticed that when this is released, I will be able to run code on my iPhone :smiley: (I wont go crazy with the smileys). But a quick ting to add in 1.3.1 for iPhone developers is an supportedOrientation(IPHONE_LANDSCAPE_LEFT), and iPhone portrait and iPhone upside down… When this is enabled, a button in the debugger bar would show that changes the view to iPhone. AHG! I keep having sugustions and I am never thinking Codea is done… This thread just made my day :smiley:

So… Is the editor going to work on the iPhone? And how will you import code without using .codea files? Will you add a .pcodea file? You got me over excited :smiley:
EDIT: Which is a good thing…
EDIT #2: Just to clarify, this is a Codea viewer, Codea lite, and Code Gallery? Is it really true?! Awesome :slight_smile:

Great app. Congratulation, 2LL! Hope this app would boost the Codea app sales. :slight_smile:

While both Codea Play and the competition have been expected as both have been discussed since a while, but the editing ability on Codea Play did surprise me. I thought it would be just for read-and-run Codea codes. Albeit the limitation -one tab only- it would still be able to code nearly everything. How if a project has more than one tab? Is it become uneditable? Or simply can’t be imported to Codea Play? Don’t you think it would canibalize the Codea app sales, @simeon?

About the competition, though I have some codes already been written, I don’t think I would have enough time to finish it and give it a chance to compete. I’ve been very busy with my job lately. Anyway, to everyone who intend to enter the competition, I say: give us your best shot and good luck! :slight_smile:

Technical statement/question

saveglobaldata() disallowed, yes?

I can’t think of any other disallowed commands besides not coming out of fullscreen and that print(), watch(), etc. will not be able to be displayed.

@Zoyt You can submit multiple entries, though given that the focus is on getting something polished (it’s harder than you think), I wouldn’t recommend it.

@bee Thanks for the feedback! I don’t think it will cannibalize sales. You can’t create multiple projects. You can copy and paste big projects from the net (as long as they are all in one file). This is a good thing — it lets full Codea users show their work to anyone with Play. But since there’s no project import there’s no situation where you can try to import a project with multiple tabs.

@Ipda41001 You’re right, there’s no reason to use saveGlobalData(). Projects are self contained. Also the standard display mode (sidebar) should probably not be used, it goes against the theme.

This is awesome! But I wish the competition was pushed back a little, I’m going on vacation with my girlfriend from Feb 9 - Feb 17 and I don’t want to be coding while on vacation with her if I can help it. If I was just on vacation by myself, coding a game is exactly what I’d be doing, though. :slight_smile:

Me too. I really have to learn a (really) hard jazz band piano peice (Four), but I’ll see what I can do in the meantime.

@zoyt - you’d cut and paste.

For the competition, if you have something that wins, they’ll give you beta access to both Codea and the player; the beta codea still has .codea file import/export. I expect the player will not import or export, but the winning programs will come built-in.

So it does cover all 3 catagorys :slight_smile: Thanks TLL!

Not sure if this will help but this is a little frame about the size of a iTouch. If I understand things correctly, the below shows the approximate size of a iTouch.

function setup()
function draw() 
    background(40, 40, 50)
    fill(0, 33, 255, 255)

This isn’t meant to imply that we are limited to portrait. This is just how I set it up. While the rules say it should work on both iPad and iTouch, this rect will show you how visible things will be at 320x480 0r 480x320.