Codea on the desktop... sorta

Cheers all,

I’ve recently got a hold of Codea and having a great deal of fun with it. One thing I didn’t like however was the actual act of typing code on the iPad, which obviously is not Codea’s issue. I realized that I could pick up a bluetooth keyboard, but I didn’t really want to do that, nor do I really like the form factor of using an ipad with a keyboard. I also know I can run on the desktop, but this isn’t the same thing, and certain actions, like multitouch and motion, are virtually impossible to replicate.

In the end, I came up with this setup, which is about 1/3 the price of a bluetooth keyboard… assuming you already own an Macbook that is. I am mirroring my iPad to my Macbook via Reflector ( 13$ ) and using my Mac as a Bluetooth keyboard via Type2Phone (5$) and it makes for a really nice dev environment. It’s like running on the simulator, except of course you are using your actual device.

If you have a Macbook, and dont really like typing on the iPad, I recommend you give this setup a shot, it’s actually very productive for me.

You can read about the entire thing right here.…-sorta.aspx

If I keep playing with Codea, like I currently am, I will probably be writing a review about it shortly… I like what I see sofar.

Anyways, hope somebody finds this configuration useful, oh, and hello world!

If you don’t want to buy a new keyboard and have a USB one, you can buy an iPad Camera Connection Kit and connect the keyboard to that. That also gets rid of the trouble of connecting a BoueTooth keyboard and waisting battery. Wile it’s not my solution, it works well.
The keyboard cases that are far the best in my case are these:
Writer Plus - Wile it may add a little weight, the detachable keyboard and different viewing angles are well worth it.
Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio - Great for camping and the different angles and designs are great too.
ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ - Wow… It’s great. It’s light, thin, and protects everything. It also has a backlit keyboard. Not to mention it’s easy to remove (when layed out flat, so don’t worry about it falling out).

Looks very interesting.

Very nice. I bought a keyboard and that works for me, but if I get in a pinch…:slight_smile:

Looks nice. I prefer using the sublime text editor when editing on my iPad, so I written a http server that pushes the changes to a codea remote code loader instead. On the other hand I’m missing the color picker and sprite picker a bit.

Nice. I’ve got one of these guys which works well for me.

Slightly more expensive though…

How heavy is that spacemonkey? That’s my issue with a lot of the keyboard cases, they weigh more than the iPad mini!

I have that keyboard too @spacemonkey, it’s pretty great.

.@Serapth: it’s not very heavy at all, and doesn’t add much bulk.