Codea on iPad mini 2

Hi all, not posted for a while but I’ve been coding quite a lot in Codea.

So I currently have an iPad 2 (not the air) and it’s time to upgrade soon.

I see the iPad mini 2 has a decent processor and the screen pixel res is higher than the iPad 2. Just wondering if anyone has been using codea on their iPad mini and found it working well.

the major

I upgraded my iPad2 to an iPad Mini 2 and couldn’t be happier. Best Buy was offering a $200 trade in for iPad2 towards a new iPad, so I paid about $150 plus my iPad 2 for the 32gb iPad mini 2.

I love the size and the speed of the iPad mini. Was tempted to get a mini 3, but there wasn’t enough upgrades over the 2 to justify the cost.

Best buy does those promotions every once in a while, may be worth waiting for one. Otherwise stores only offer like $70…

thanks @Crumble

With regards to the mini 2 vs mini 3 I was in the same thought space as you. It doesn’t warrant the extra cost.

Thanks for the reassuring heads up.

One other question you may be able to answer, with my iPad 2 i struggled to record video of my game in action due to it being full screen frame changes at 50FPS. The iPad 2 just wasn’t fast enough.

How did you fare with the iPad mini 2?

The Major

I had trouble recording with my iPad 3, so I bought the Reflector app and this does a good job of recording Codea apps running.

Thanks @Ignatz

I tried that (runs on the mac doesn’t it?) but my Mac mini isn’t fast enough.

I heard that the new Mac OS Yosemite allows you to connect your iOS device and record it over the cable into QuickTime.

@Majormorgan, I have an original iPad Mini, size is great (speed is a different issue). Mini 2 should serve you very well (I’m still upset about the Mini 3, especially compared to the Air 2…)

And yes, Yosemite lets you record through QuickTime which is great.

Thanks @JakAttak !! Thanks all, it’s settled I’m gonna go iPad mini 2 route.

Also last night I downloaded OSX Yosemite on my 2014 Mac mini (lowest level one) and the recording from iphone 5 over lightning cable rocks!! No frame rate drops at all and the sound records too.

Epic, I’ll be able to cut together a proper app video now!