Codea for iPhone

Why Isn’t Codea able to working on iPhone ?

I second this. I would LOVE to be able to work on my iPhone. Trying to install the IPA forcefully on my phone. Will report back.

Too small of a space to code, I rather see it come to android first but neither of these ideas hold any decent grounding for such a big project to be undertaken

Ok! Got Codea installed on my iPhone 5! It’s dreadful. You can’t open new projects, only the demo projects. Here is a link to the album of photos @Simeon

@Luatee I feel like android is an idea that holds decent ground. It would definitely help Codea get more attention, and increase the amount of users.

@shusain93 - I did that once about a year ago, but it’d only crash. That tool I used is obsolete now. How are you doing it?

I’d love it on iphone for testing purposes. With aircode this makes sense imho.

And for Android - There are 2 people working on Codea. Look how slow the updates are coming. Do you really think that they could have the extra time to make the runtime AND editor for Android too? Not to mention all the extra bugs they’d find on Android. While I wouldn’t mind Codea on android, I’d much rather have more features on iOS. There’s my $.02.

I was thinking that (and maybe they already have) TLL could see if any of those services that promise to convert iOS apps to android apps would work, because I do understand that they are already spread thin and I think the fact that they just keep these great updates is amazing already.

P.S. I though it was 3? Simeon, Dylan, and John, no?

@JakAttak - Sorry, I stand corrected. Dylan does work with them. I forgot. He just VERY rarely makes an appearance on the forums.

@Zoyt I modified the Info.plist to support iPhone, resigned the application with my licenses and synced through Xcode. Very hacky method.

@JakAttak It’s just Simeon and I working on Codea. Dylan has other projects that he’d like to work on. We have one day a week where we can work full time on Codea and the rest is in our spare time, after work and on the weekends. Trust me there are a million and one things we’d love to put into Codea if we just had the time. I recently added sound and music playing (actual sound files), which will hopefully make it into the next update.

Universal has been something I’ve been advocating for a while but it’s a pretty huge undertaking. The Xcode export option supports iPhone and you could sort of force your app to run inside a virtual iPhone screen for testing purposes and then when you export use the native resolution. That said, Air Code with an iPhone would be pretty sweet too.

Android is an interesting proposition but will require a complete rewrite most likely and I don’t think a porting service could help just because it’s not using any sort of game frameworks like Cocos 2D, which simplifies porting significantly.

@John - Here’s an idea to speed up the development of Codea: You let the community contribute to the runtime, and you guys would only have to accept certain contributions and work on the editor. If you wanted the API stuctured in a certain way, just post the guidlines somewhere and have whomeever do them. If you did this, I would certainly contribute.

Supporting iPhone is an interesting problem from a usability point-of-view. None of your iPad projects would exist on your iPhone — we wouldn’t be able to offer iCloud support or anything to keep an iPhone and iPad version of Codea in sync. It’s against the rules.

I imagine this would annoy a lot of people.

@Simeon - You mean if Codea’s not universal app? What’s wrong with making it a universal app?

I think Pythonista works on both. And it is very much like Codea.

It wouldnt be hard to write an app to sync between the two via dropbox or github. I have a few friends that would love to use codea but do not have ipad. Being able to use aircode and an iphone might sell more copies!

@Zoyt even if it is a universal app, your data will not carry across (unless you restore your iPhone from an iPad backup).

(An iPhone version is something we would like to do. I’m just concerned that people might be annoyed if their projects do not carry across.)

With iExplorer it would be very easy to copy the projects across. Plus we have AutoGist which would also allow you to create an installer for your project and run that installer on the iPhone wouldn’t it?

@Simeon - I did a little research. I do beleive you’re wrong. You can use entitlements to sync iCloud docs between different apps:
Hope that helps.