Codea 2 on IOS7 exported to run on 7 and 6?

Will it run on both IOS 7 and 6 or just 7 ?

I heard some reports of crashing under IOS 6

I know it would be possible to export to 6 from Codea 1.5 …

Would the runtime download version depend on what version it was exported from?

It’ll only run on iOS 7.

Codea 2 or the runtime from Codea 2?

Is there any way to support IOS6 from Codea 2.0 runtime …

If not easily that’s ok, but there’s still a market for IOS6 and having

to target 7.0+ kills those 20% that are still on 6.1 … Thoughts?

I agree with @escape75 and am also waiting for the answer!

I know if you make UIKit optional it gets further,

but then it complains about some networking stuff on IOS6 simulator.

I’m almost tempted to re-submit the apps using Codea 1.5x but … meh :slight_smile:

iOS 6 is outdated, iOS 7 is the only version you should be targeting. Apple automatically rejects any apps not targeted at iOS 7. Why do you all want to continue supporting the obsolete version? I know it’s good to support as many versions as possible, but almost everyone has iOS 7, and Apple wants it that way.

The 3 games I submitted were targeting IOS6 and no issues with rejections

As long as they run and are updated to use IOS7 they will not get rejected

What worries me more (i now confirmed it) after switching to Codea 2.0 the saveScore

saves a 0 score to Game Center from the same unchanged code and addon that worked.