Codea 2.0 Released - New Forums. New Site.

Hi Everyone

The forums have been moved, and Codea now has a dedicated site.

Oh, and Codea 2.0 has been released.



@Simeon - very clean. One thing, though. On my Windows 7, there are no borders or fill colour for the text box I’m typing in now, so it’s basically invisible.

See pic below

@Ignatz perhaps I made it a bit too subtle. I’ll be making adjustments to the style in the next few days.

An incredible update! Congratulations! Thank you for making it free. :slight_smile:

Too bad I can’t get the new update because I’m still using the old iPad1 with iOS5. I plan to get the iPad Air at the end of this year.

My suggestion, create a new demo video that would show all the great features of the new Codea. If necessary, create more than one video.

@bee thank you, I will definitely do more videos when time permits.

Just downloaded the music and it’s pretty cool. Even the sounds are amazing. The UI looks neat too. Thanks for the awesome update.

Awesome update. Thanks

Thanks @Simeon !!! Codea is THE best app ever !!

There doesn’t appear to be a favicon for the new site.

@Simeon - Forum Search appears to be missing

@Ignatz oh I forgot to re-add that. I’ll get on that now.

Edit: Re-added

Thanks !

Forum Issue : In profile notifications, the div with class=“Excerpt” have the old location of the website (href=“/Codea/Talk/…” → “/talk”)

@Simeon Codea 2.0 is amazing! This sounds/musics packs, thats good! Thank you!

@Simeon - one more thing when entering formu comments. On my iPad, using the built in keyboard, I pasted some code into the textbox, and then found that swiping up or down didn’t scroll the text (the textbox didn’t expand to the height of the text, so most of it was hidden). The only way to scroll up or down was to select some text then drag up or down.

@Simeon very nice, thank you for all your hard work (also many thanks to the rest of the TLL team ofcourse)

Great! The new clean style looks beautiful! On the topic of the update, does anyone know if Codea can use mp3 files? I tried using one of them in my Dropbox, but it doesn’t appear in the Codea Sound Assets. Thanks.

@Prynok you can convert them to m4a, then Codea should pick them up. I’ll look into the mp3 support for the next version — it might just be an oversight that it’s not displaying the files.