Codea 1.5.5

Just downloaded the latest version. Now to see what’s new.

Not much new @dave1707 — but it should be a lot more stable.

The only new feature is that readImage allows you to access multi-page PDFs, which might be handy for those who want to have all their assets inside one PDF.

Thanks @Simeon, I just saw that in the Codea Roadmap.

thanks, pdf is a good way to group pictures. I think zip was not possible or not allowed.
it was interesting to add personnal ttf font too. I have wait to download 1.6 and audio futures.

I’m not sure about others, but for me this has become even more unstable. My program now runs at about 20 FPS lower, and randomly crashes, the only change was updating Codea

Does this release fix Dropbox synching so it works correctly with subdirectories?

Nice one @Simeon , the .pdf support looks great. I’m sure it feels a bit faster as well - although it could be me :wink:

On another note for the next release, do you intend to fix the sprite-batching bug as mentioned here:

I’ve found the workaround you suggested really handy - so dont deprecate this just yet :wink:

@JakAttak that is very odd. Anyone else seeing a slow down in FPS?

@andymac3d I think the spriteBatching toggle will remain at least until the issue you reported is fixed.

So far, I’m having good luck with the latest release. I’ve done a serious amount of coding on some fairly large projects while traveling over the weekend. I had one lock up of the whole environment early on, but after killing Codea and coming back in, it never happened again.

If there’s a decrease in performance, I haven’t noticed it, and while I’m doing business apps at the moment instead of games, these apps have a seriously complex interface.

In general 1.55 continues to be very stable. I have an app release for work this week, so I haven’t yet dared step up to 1.6.

However, twice now I’ve run into this message

error: [string "-- tween.lua ..."]:587: attempt to call global 'type' (a string value)

Which might mean something, except that I’m not using Tween at all in this app. It unfortunately began appearing right after I’d implemented a long and complex series of file read / object instantiations, and I’m unable to debug because I can’t see where the error is actually occurring.

@Mark I ran into that once. tween.lua is automatically loaded and used by Codea regardless of if your program uses it. tween.lua apparently uses a global variable named type, which, if you create your own global variable named type, gets overwritten. It’s simple incompatibility. Just avoid using the global name type. :wink:

Ah, perfect. Thanks.