Codea 1.5.2 Beta

Hi Everyone

Codea 1.5.2 brings Xcode Export directly into the Codea app.

This beta contains the export functionality. If you have a Mac with Xcode, please play with this feature and let me know if there are any issues. It should be fairly straight forward to use (much easier than the GitHub runtime) and produce very clean Xcode projects with only the necessary assets required to run your project.

Even if you don’t have a Mac, have a go at exporting and let me know what you think of the process.

It also supports project dependencies (though not well tested).

Your initial Xcode builds will download the required libraries from us, subsequent builds of that project will not have to perform the downloads.

Currently the custom icon feature doesn’t work, but it should soon.

To load this in Xcode, will we need to sign up for a developer account (to download the iOS libraries)?

You can use the iPad / iPhone Simulator without signing up for a developer account. I believe Xcode is free on the Mac App Store.

To actually compile to your iPad, you will need a developer account for the code signing certificate.

The comments as it is exporting are great! If you want to add a few more “Solving the Riemann Hypothesis” would be my suggestion.

Added! It was pretty fun writing them.

Oh … my … word.

It worked.

Nice work! Really easy to export. Tried it with a paint program using meshes and camera, and it works fine. Exported to Google Drive.

Also nice that it downloads the needed files. Will the runtime be closed source or will it be possible to look at the poetic code behind it all?

You’ve done amazing work with Codea, it’s so nice to use! Perfect after a long day of coding at work… :slight_smile:

The play/pause/rewind cassette/take photo/record buttons are visible. But maybe I should just select the displayMode without them? Yup, that removed them, so it’s a feature. :slight_smile:

.@Andrew_Stacey export worked? Excellent news.

.@tnlogy that’s correct, you can use displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) to hide them. I will also be disabling the triple-tap-to-escape gesture in exported projects (it’s not disabled yet).

I have no problem open sourcing the runtime, the main issue is keeping the code up-to-date, writing scripts to move it out of our submodules and into the public repository, it all takes up a lot of time that I was able to save by using static libraries.

I would like to add a plugin architecture before the 1.5.2 release, so you can easily add your own Lua bindings to custom Objective-C code. I’m hoping this will satisfy most Codea users.

The export work nice for me, nice job and really great feature !
But what is the minimum Xcode version targeted. I’m not yet ‘Lionified’ and I would like to know if there is some tricks to compile the exported project under Snow Leopard.

More exporting comment suggestions:

Reversing the polarity
Attenuating the shields
Setting weapons to maximum
Ejecting Warp Core
Venting Plasma
Making it so

Yeah, I watch a lot of Star Trek.

I have now tried another app, with some sound and tweens. Seems to work fine.

But when I returned to the app from the home screen, one time the sound didn’t work. Haven’t been able to reproduce it though, but will tell you if I find out why it happened.

Sounds good if the runtime will be open sourced. It is not as important to keep the code up to date, but I think there is value in knowing that there is a version of the code to look at, if any issues appear with an App of if twolivesleft gets abducted by aliens. And then of course I’m really curious since the code in the current runtime looks nice. :slight_smile:

A plugin architecture sounds nice, it might create a community for adding the features often asked for in the forum.

I’m having trouble with the basic function of closing a program. Hit the leftmost button, and it just toggles pause and play – I can’t escape.

Export is spiffy. I’ll be sitting down this weekend for a “crank a couple of things to the App Store” session, so export will get a workout.

I guess there is no escape, other than hitting the home buttons, since it’s your own app now. Should probably most often just use the FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS, but nice that it’s possible to have parameters if you want :slight_smile:

Export works great for me, with the exception that it will not export the planet cute sprite pack no matter what I do (including manually selecting it).

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. It’s not exported programs giving me problem with exiting. Even with the buttons displayed, once I hit run I can’t get back to the editor.

.@Mark are you on iOS 5?

Nope. 6.1.3

.@Mark that’s very odd, I’ll look into it. Is this happening to anyone else?

I’m having this problem as well.