Clumsy Ninja

Hey everybody! This is kind of off topic, but today Clumsy Ninja was finally released. Personally, I’ve been waiting for it since it was announced at last years iPhone 5 event. It’s a super cute, super fun, realistic/ish simulation of a ninja that you must train. Thought some of you might like to check it out.

he is ticklish :smiley: it’s an exemple for body’s physics

Hehe it actually came out yesterday or so… xD

I downloaded it but am stuck on stroking his head :confused:

@stevon8ter - It’s a a bit hard. Try rubbing horizontally on his red headband. Also slowly at first, so you’re not dragging him.
I just saw it because it was famous for having a promo video. i can’t wait until developers can upload promo videos.

@Zoy, what do you mean it was famous for having a promo video?

@JakAttack: In the App Store, instead of screenshots in the app’s page, there is a video preview. First app to get that in the App Store afaik.

Wooooo I’m already level 10 xd

Servers are down…?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Clumsy ninja is awesome

Im stuck on other ways to get XP, any help?

@CodeaNoob, which level are you? Balloons are a rather good source of xp, tho you should only buy them if not in need of anything else that costs money, green balloons earn 1100xp per balloon, 50 coins for 5 balloons…

Since I got the game yesterday, 4

:stuck_out_tongue: Nice :wink:

I’m 17 atm :stuck_out_tongue: but it sometimes makes you wait forever :stuck_out_tongue: