Chromecast / Airplay

I know that @Reefwing and others have created great tutorials for implementing iADs and iAPs into exported apps, but I was wondering if it is possible to add Airplay or Chromecast support for mirroring / streaming. I think this could open up a whole new set of possibilities for what we can do.

Anything is possible. Well… I’m not sure. Lots of the resources we need (I think) are archived into the runtime, so we can’t access the tools we need.
Anyways, IMHO, not many gamers use their Apple TV for gaming. Unless it’s for personal tools, I don’t think it’s that great a use of development time. How would you integrate “Jump’n Jack” with AirPlay?

@Zoyt, wasn’t thinking of using it for Jumpin’ Jack. Development of JJ is stalled due to an Xcode error that I can’t figure out.

You should be able to do this by using the CodeaViewController view on the extra UIScreen.