Cargo-Bot, shortest solutions

I thought I’d use this forum to keep track of the shortest solutions to each level. If you beat the shortest solution in any level, please upload to youtube or post here and I’ll update this post with your name.

I’m confident that I don’t have the shortest solution for any level above medium (and probably for easier levels too).

Here’s the levels and length of the shortest known solutions

Tutorial. Walkthrough

Cargo 101 - 3

Transporter - 4

Re-Curses - 5

Inverter - 10

From Beneath - 5

Go Left - 9


Double Flip - 5

Go Left 2 - 4

Shuffle Sort - 9

Go The Distance - 4

Color Sort - kb1ibt: 7, 8

Walking Piles - MrMonkeydom: 8,9


Repeat Inverter - 5

Double Sort - elizarov: 7

Mirror - 6

Lay It Out - 7

The Stacker - witchudebuz: 6,metropolist: 7, 8

Clarity - 6


Come Together - 7

Come Together 2 - unsigner: 7, 8

Up The Greens - [elizarov - 6]

Fill The Blanks - [elizarov: 9]

Count The Blues - Myndale: 6, achrenico: 8, 9

Multi Sort - atrophic: 7, msalmonse: 10, 11


Divide By Two - elizarov: 10

The Merger - 6

Even The Odds - [elizarov: 9]

Genetic Code - wwboy6: 16, 17

Multi Sort 2 - 17

The Swap - achrenico: 7,10


Restoring Order - [elizarov: 13]

Changing Places - [elizarov: 10]

Palette Swap - achrenico: 14, 15

Mirror 2 - nasapunk88: 7,Andrew Stacey: 10, ruilov: 12

Changing Places 2 - Zou Chang: 6, cihana: 7, achrenico: 8,spricklyTV: 9,Andrew Stacey: 10, ruilov: 16

Vertical Sort - Markus Mühlberger:18, 20

Bonus Levels

Count in Binary - [elizarov: 9]

Equalizer - [elizarov: 10]

Parting the Sea - [elizarov: 10]

The Trick - Tojot: 8, achrenico: 10, qqq: 11

I think Andrew Stacey will win Cargo-Bot.

Well, I did have a bit of a head start (am I allowed to say that?). Plus with these things I tend to start at the end and work backwards (makes it easier since my son started at the beginning and is working forwards).

And being a mathematician isn’t completely useless.

@Andrew_Stacey: i really appreciate the help beta testing. I can only think of the embarrasement if it still said “x stars out of 36”. We needed a math guy to figure that one out :slight_smile:

Did walking piles with 8.

Can Ipad 1 upload to utube?

regards Malban

@Malban should be able to upload to YouTube. Just save the video clip and then upload it from the Photos app on your iPad. Looking forward to see your solution.

A 6 register solution to The Stacker by Luís

A 7 register solution to The Swap by @achrenico

Is it only about the shortest solution? What about the fastest solution? I mean, a solution that takes more registers but solve the problem faster (by time). Maybe just me but I prefer to solve the problem as fast as possible i.e as minimum as unnecessary steps. Besides, in programming, execution time is considered more important than the amount of code (in this case is represented by the number of registers).

@bee, it is shortest solution only. The fastest one usually means to just hard code the moves, so it tends to be less interesting.

Since I doubt I’ll conquer either of those metrics, how about “Rube Goldberg bragging rights for the wackiest, least efficient solution that makes your robot look like a humming bird with OCD”?

Because I may have nailed that one.

Walking Piles, 8 registers, by @monkeydom

@Malban, are you @monkeydom on youtube? Just want to make sure you get the credit as the first at 8 on walking piles

@Goatherd, you may have some competition!/mapstacey/status/194904121722142720/photo/1

Changing Places, 16, @spricklyTV

Changing Places 2, 9, @spricklyTV

I like to go for elegant solutions, but that’s hard to quantify. As an example, my shortest solution for Mirror 2 exploited the fact that the number of boxes is quite small so it wouldn’t scale at all. So I was quite disappointed with that one.

This game is starting to show its addictive effect on me. Please, I beg you, don’t post the video capture right into the forum, just the link to it. So, it don’t spoil the answer to others who are still thinking how to achieve the shortest solution. Please… :frowning:

Changing Places 2, 8 regs:

(seven regs might be possible)

I think my advantage of having played the game in beta is rapidly getting nullified.

@achrenico, nice job!