can the output panel be removed?

in my game i want to use the parameter panel to set various parameter values. As the output panel covers some of the parameters I would like to remove the output panel or minimise it size. Is this possible?


It can be hidden, in the grey bar labelled ‘Output’ in the middle of the parameter panel there is 3 lines going horizontally, press this and move your finger up and down, this will make it smaller/bigger. There’s probably a way to do it in runtime as well.

Yes, but I think @piinthesky wanted to adjust it programmatically, which I don’t believe is possible

Ahh well in that case, @piinthesky you might have some luck creating a function in the runtime that edits the output bar position, that won’t remove it but it will minimize it. If you don’t plan to use the runtime for your app then you’re stuck, as Ignatz said it’s not possible.

For what it’s worth, I would love an API to show/hide/change the size of the output window. It gets pretty annoying when you have tons of parameters to constantly be resizing it manually :stuck_out_tongue:

yes i wanted to minimise the output window directly in the code as it obscures some of the parameters. We should add this to the wish list for future versions.