Bug Fixes and the Next Codea Release?


Just curious if there’s a way to know what bug fixes will be in the next Codea release and when that release might be available? I think the last update was in December and I’ve reported a few small issues since then… just trying to figure out IF those small issues will actually be in the next release and when it might come out. I’ve been holding off posting to the App store in hopes that a new update would get released.


If you updated the Issue Tracker with your issues, you can check the status of them there. I you haven’t, then there’s a link at the top of the forum that takes you to the Issue Tracker. As for when the next update is, that’s unknown at this time. The beta hasn’t been released to the beta testers yet, so I don’t know when.

Be nice to know when the next release will be, @Simeon seems to have been pretty quiet recently :sunglasses:

Thanks Dave. This was the issue with the Physics Engine not pausing when you exit Codea or an App built with Codea. I discussed it with @Simeon and you… I think it was you… and it seemed like an easy fix. There was no way to do a manual workaround, at least none that anyone proposed. I’m not familiar with the bug tracker but I think Simeon was on it and knew what needed to be done to correct it.

There are events in the iOS framework when an application is being suspended. Can I call the Box2D “pause” and “resume” directly from these events? Bypassing Codea doing it for me. Is that even possible?