Bridging the Gap between Easy and Advanced

I feel like I’m in another pickle.

I’ve been stuck for a while in the “potential to make” stage. I know loops. I know conditionals. I know how to make sprites. But when I try to meld them together to make projects, I get stuck.

Today I was trying to figure out how to make buttons but I couldn’t get a grip on the buttons in the “Sounds Plus” example. Not only that, I get overwhelmed by possible routes I could take when programming stuff like Game Logic or Graphical Displays. Even a simple text game like Hunt The Wumpus suddenly becomes a mountain of work, thanks to the graphics-oriented programming in Codea.

Maybe I’m just not built for programming. I’ve always been on the more “artistic” side of things.

Another big problem I see with the programming world is that barely anyone wants to make tutorials for people in this sort of stage: Mid-Range Understanding. It’s either “Never Programmed Before” or “Knows Pretty Much Everything”.

Can someone please point me to some tutorials along that sort of path, or just flat out tell me “You shouldn’t be programming?”

  • KatamariManatee

Hi @KatamariManatee,
Please don’t give up programing: it’s certanly a hard and long way if you plan to be in the “Great Leagues” but at the same time it is very rewarding when you achieve something with it, no matter how small your achievement is. Important is to pick, first of all, one of your many ideas for projects and to begin step by step the programing of it. Check if you are going to need sofisticated physics and/or animations. Follow the available tutorials for each case in the wiki and simultaneosly find here in the forum projects similar to your ideas and try to follow their programing. If you don’t understand them at a first instance, just go back one step, check the available informations, and then go forward. In the mean time, don’t hesitate to ask in the forum: some Codea-guru will find a moment of rest in his/her own job and will give advice.

But important: don’t give up… Because one day, we will need an artistic advice from you.

Saludos desde México,
Victor ~O)

@KatamariManatee check out Reefwing’s tutorial blog. He has a button specific tutorial.