bluetooth keyboard ipad?

Who uses a bluetooth keyboard with codea? Which one - and is it ok?
There are a lot of keyboards spread over a wide price range avaiable …

@spacemonkey: Looks good but quite expensive. I plan to by the new ipad as soon as it is avaiable and I doubt it will fit on the new ipad.

I am close to buy:ß/dp/B005DDQH06/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1371806858&sr=1-1&keywords=%2Bipad+%2Btastatur
It should work with any ipad imo.

I use logitech k760 and it is great…

Do you still get the predictions at the bottom of the screen if you use a Bluetooth keyboard??

a keyboard makes a big difference. I have the Apple one, perhaps not as many dot points as Logitech, but it’s good.

I have this one and it is brilliant. Battery lasts forever, like I charge it every couple of months, and not because it’s even flat.

For Codea a bluetooth keyboard makes it very nice to use. Cut and paste, cursor keys… lovely.

Logitech Ultra-Thin = pure awesomeness with Codea.

  • Easy setup
  • 6 month battery life on full charge (apparently!)
  • Elegant clamshell design
  • Same screen lock/magnet system as the Apple cover.
  • Magnet locks the iPad in place when in Keyboard mode - nice design!
  • Adds a bit of weight and bulk to the iPads form factor - makes it look more like a notebook!
  • Expensive-ish, but has sped me up no end.
  • Disclaimer - I dont work for Logitech :wink:

I use the apple keyboard: beautiful and expensive (60€). Love it. Havent tried another one

@Jmv38: Does any APPLE Wireless Keyboard work with an ipad?

Yes, you still get predictions and I think tab to complete, or it could be some other key. And you get the special character bars, just not the rest of the onscreen keyboard.

@DaDo - yes, I believe so

@DaDo. I have only an ipad, so yes, i use this keyboard for heavy duty coding in Ipad-codea on the kitchen table (does not work laid on the livingroom couch)

I was using a logitech bluetooth stand alone keyboard. I hated lugging it around with me. So I picked up the Logitech Fabricskin keyboard case. It’s great, it offers protection and has a thin keyboard. However, its pricey. I managed to find one with a scratch and got it at a very reasonable price.