Bigger Math Keypad

If the keypad, that pops up when the math key is pressed, was bigger it would be much easier to press the right button for iPad mini users like me.
Keep up the good work. Codea is great.

@inancyuce Have you tried touching and dragging your finger on the math key? This lets you drag to select rather than tap, and should be much easier on the smaller screen (I find it better on a full size iPad too).

.@Simeon this touch-and-drag function does not work on ios 5.1, i only have touch-and-retouch. You had put it in a beta version, but there was a bug and you just removed it for ios 5.x. Do you plan to introduce it?

@Jmv38 it will not come for iOS 5. But @inancyuce is using an iPad mini, which has iOS 6.

Ok. Thanks for your answer.

It is a useful tip Simeon, thanks.