Beginning with Codea and coding wit Lua

Hello everyone,

I need some help with coding, i am a beginner.
Who wants to help me?


@YourCode A lot of people here will help you. Just ask your question. If you have code to post with your question, put 3 ~'s on a line before and after your code so it formats properly on the forum.

How can i make for example a simple program such as “Hello World”?

@YourCode Actually, if you create a new project with Codea, it creates a ‘Hello World’ program for you to start with.

Oh thanks! Haha

@YourCode - I’ve written a few ebooks that I hope will help you, here.

Start with the Lua book, then the Codea book.

Ignatz – I’m going through your books right now and I just wanted to tell you that they are the best programming tutorials I have ever read. You are awesome!! Thanks so much for writing them!!

Thanks! – Ignatz