Basics of 3d programming

Hi folks I have just recently purchased codea and it really is an excellent IDE, by far and away leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I have seen.

I am from a background but have taken quite well with lua simple but effective.

My main question is has anyone got an idiots guide to 3d programming within the codea as it’s something I am eager to learn. I am already coding an iso engine for a game with collision detection which I plan on sharing with a full breakdown on the site.

All the best for now
Michael maguinness

have you played with the included 3d project?

I had a look at it but not coming from a 3d background I have a few stumbling moments when traversing from drawing a mesh over to matrices. Also the use of the camera function is catching me out my iso engine I can have drawing from a block map fairly easy rendering from top left down. I now the math behind it. It’s just a explanation as to the nuts and bolts of 3d programming I am still trying to wrap my head round.

Michael - good timing. I am just rewriting my first attempt at 3D modelling here

to be more efficient. I also come from a VB/A background with no 3D experience.

The 3D lab demo is quite confusing, because, as one person commented, it moves the whole world around your head, rather than moving you around the world. I like to get right down there on the map and walk around, and I have probably spent a solid working week trying to understand how it all works.

Currently, I’m rebuilding my 3D utility routines and I’m happy to share them with you as I go, over the next week or so, because I’m doing it in incremental fashion that makes it easier to follow along. I will probably blog about them as well.

Don’t know if it’s of any use, but there’s also this that I wrote on matrices in Codea:

One day I aspire to understand that (that’s a criticism of my intellectual capacity, mainly @-)

I don’t think I’ve ever counted matrices among my friends.

I just kicked off a mini starter on 3d thread if that’s useful.

I was gonna suggestthe things by Ignatz and Andrew but they beat me to it

try also JMV38 tuts

I’m starting a new series of explainers on 3D modelling today, here, ultimately focused on creating a 3D surface you can fill with stuff and then walk around on.

Space monkey got a look at your simple example and I now have a grasp on how meshes are called and posted for viewing. Excellent work my friend very helpfull.

Next thing on my list is an explanation for how textures work and creating suitable textures to apply to meshes