Just thought I’d share a little backgammon board I’ve been working on. Features a board, draggable chips that snap to the appropriate areas of the board, and rollable dice. No AI - this is strictly for two human players!


Still needs a bunch of work and I’m afraid it has no comments, but here’s the code:

I’ve copied it all in one file for ease of pasting.

Awsome! Like it! Can’t wait!

Nice work Frosty. I play backgammon with my wife sometimes. Will have to import your project for sure!

It’s almost like the one you see in “The New iPad” comersial that the old men are playing ;:wink:

Great work, @frosty. Did you use a mesh to draw the triangular sections of the board?

@Simeon I did! :slight_smile: By the way, is there any way to draw a noSmooth’d ellipse?

There were bugs in the shader path for noSmooth() ellipse so I never enabled it. I will have to remember to look at that again.

Just added a link to the code to the original post.