Asset manager?

Anyone see the latest tweets from Codea Commits? Looks like assets and a native asset manager are coming to Codea! Anyone have any details on what is planned?

I do.

We are overhauling the sprite pack system and making it more general. Instead of sprite packs, there will be asset packs that can contain music, sound effects, shaders, sprites, and any other type of data we want to support in the future.

It’s a big change and a lot of code is being rewritten, but it should be worth it.

Sounds amazing @Simeon, I love the work you guys at TLL put in to Codea, but is there not a chance it would get declined at review with the music? I’m sure you mentioned that to be a problem in the past.

@Luatee music is fine — I don’t think there’s anything about it that should cause issues.

@Simeon, this will be a fantastic update. On a small point, do you have anything in the pipeline for updating the ‘project’ picker? With anything other than few dozen projects it starts getting a bit cumbersome - a simple date sorted view would be really useful, rather than just sorting projects alphabetically.

@andymac3d yes, we do, but it’s due after the asset stuff is finished. Sorting by last-opened or last-edited would be a good interim step. I’ll have to think about it.

@andymac3d, there is a search option…

@simeon I can say that adding a good asset system would be an excellent addition into making Codea a full-featured gaming design system. Background music, ambient noise, etc. are so important! Hacking the sound() function to globally play works ok, but it’s not quite elegant enough (and buggy).

Big kudos to you and your team for working on this! I’m excited to see what comes next!

Sounds great, @Simeon. Looking forward to this.