Anyone seen GamePress?

Just had a heads up about another Game creation kit for the iPad -
Downloading it now. The interesting thing is that they’re making a big splash about the arcade / sharing section where by you can download and test games made by other people which would appear to be against Apple’s restrictions.

If Apple are (finally) beginning to loosen up about this maybe the sharing options in Codea could make a comeback.???

Anyway from the little I’ve seen of it - it looks interesting, check it out

It just went free last night, so I grabbed a copy.

Just looking at it and I can see it lets users upload their creations to a shared database and lists the newest ones and most popular. That in Codea would be sweet!

Had a quick look - kind of interesting I guess, although I’ve seen many of these GUI driven ‘Game Making’ applications over the years and usually pretty underwhelmed.

Kind of reminds me of ‘Scratch’ to some degree in its apparent simplicity, great to get kids and hobbyists inspired - although I suspect it suffers from the usual problem of the limited set of predefined behaviours/functionality restricts how far you can push it.

@TechDojo - I do like its shared library of submitted games, it does seem like Apple has relaxed the policy. I’m quite interested how they intend to ‘monetize’ this app as well, especially as its free with no apparent in-app purchase revenue stream to support its development (it does seem to have quite a bit of work put into it).

Ho Hum… I’ll continue with Codea I think :wink:

It’s pretty simplistic. I’ve been playing with it. There really isn’t any coding.

Cool toy, but I’ll pass.

To be honest I agree with you both, I love the code so I’m sticking to Codea, but I’m sure it might be of interest to someone.

I did actually play with it a bit yesterday and worked through the tutorial, I think the biggest problem with this system is that it will take a lot of discipline on behalf of the game developer to not allow their projects to degenerate into a sloppy mess of “spaghetti code” and become unfeasible / unworkable.

For my mind, code is always cleaner and easier to manage.

I think Gamepress is free for only for a limited time and then the price goes back up to $10.00 . The developer made it free for a conference they were attending. I can see use both apps together Gamepress and Codea. You could prototype an idea with Gamepress and than code it using Codea.

I get the feeling that Gamepress uses Webkit and Javascript internally to allow sharing of content. I’m fairly certain that Apple still doesn’t allow downloading code that isn’t using the built-in Javascript interpreter inside Webkit. If Apple has indeed relaxed their stance on it then that would be great news and we could start allowing sharing again.

Any chance we could get “Open in … Codea” so that we could move around *.codea files?
Cato’s Hike does this. It would be great for teaching with, so that I could email or post Codea file for my students.

@MrCoxall that’s the exact feature we used to have that Apple made us remove. I’m a bit wary of putting something like that back in without getting permission from Apple first.

Is there a “Nice” way to ask and reference another app that does it?