Anyone interested in some server space for web lua?

I’ve been experimenting with lua on my server. If anyone would like some space and ftp access send me a pm. This is just for small testing purposes. Server is using apache and mod_lua.


What is web lua?

Using lua as a web scripting language like php.

I’m not. But I’m really interested to have an http server module in Codea so I can use it within my app.

Same as @bee

Since Codea offered AirCode, I assume the engine had been there already, just need some pretty API. :slight_smile:

@bee - Are you looking for MySQL or something to allow quick, realtime stuff? There is http.request, but it’s slow for realtime stuff. @Simeon has been suggestion re-adding this feature with a better API, but right now, Codea 1.6 or Codea 2 (that just doesn’t sit well in my mouth…) is the top priority.

Also, @Briarfox, what would you expect people to use mod_lua for? I can’t think of a very good reason, but I’m always willing to be surprised. I was about to suggest Moai Cloud for larger projects and people who don’t feel like writing all sorts of extra APIs, then I learned it was shut down, and my heart skipped a beat. :open_mouth: :((

@zoyt pretty much for anything you would use php for. In the easrlier post I meant to say php not JavaScript. I like the idea of mod_lua becuase I know lua and I think php is an ugly language. Mod_lua could be used in the way we used php for CC. I’ve started to use it to run more intensive functions for the project euler problems. Tie it into a DB and you can track high scores, user data etc.

I’ve never done much server side scripting so I find mod lua appealing.

@Briarfox i am very interested by your proposal. Like you, i find LUA great and Php ugly, so if i could program the server side actions in LUA from my ipad, i would love it. But how would that work? Can you give an example? Thanks!

@Briarfox - OK. Now I’m starting to think it’d be cool to make a Moai Cloud for Codea.

@Jvm38 there are some examples in the OP link. I use textastic to edit the lua and upload to the server.

@zoyt I am unfamiliar with moai cloud. What would it do for us?

@Briarfox - I’m very curious to experiment with it. May I have a sandbox :slight_smile: ?

@Briarfox i missed the link. I just had a look : :frowning: doesnt look that clear to me. This Is where you can see Simeon and John have not used their ‘verbose-cleaner’ nor their code-for-dummies convertor machine…

@Briarfox - Moai SDK is another Lua game development engine. It was made by Zipline games for their purposes, but it got pretty popular. Eventually, they developed something called Moai Cloud for some extra profit on top of their games. It’s pretty much the same thing you have here, hosted on their servers, and with a lot of extra libraries/features hooked onto it. In August, I guess they weren’t making enough money to cover support and server space on it, so I guess they shut it down. Moai SDK is still alive, but it’s mainly developed by the community and Zipline games on an as-needed-feature-basis.

@toffer, I’ll set ya up.

@Jmv38 it’s actually not to bad. You use the handler function to interact with the request.

Does this have any advantages over PHP?

PHP is widely used, lua as a web scripting language is not. However, you already know lua! It’s simple to use for sending and recieving info from the server to codea. I’m still working on getting the DB connection to work properly.

Well since I have Textastic and you say it can be uploaded straight from there, Id love to have a look. I do know some PHP though…

Actually… I just had an idea for this library… I’ve been wanting to create a MMO for coders. So you can create anything with code… So Lua would work great for it. That being said, I’m still trying to get a good hold of PHP so I can do this. I’ve got pages and pages of notes of what I want to do, so I won’t go into detail.