Any way to step through a program for Debug purposes?

Is there a way (in Codea) to make a Debug routine that would help me put in some break points and allow me to step through the sample code and examine objects at various stages of execution? I believe this feature would help me understand what Codea is doing.

I use cave man debugging - ie… Print values out and they show up in the output window

I’ve moved to KilamMalik and mpilgrem’s debug and print redirect to a screen overlay. It is much faster than printing to the output window, as print has some issues. As long as your program doesn’t crash crash, the overlay window method allows lots of scrollable logs etc.

There was a step through debug harness posted some time back, I think.

Thanks for the assist. I found the Redirect and Debug Helper routines developed by KilamMalik and mpilgrem. That should work for me.