Annoying editor bug on iPad 1

Hi guys,

I’m facing a really annoying bug on the iPad 1 on the Codea text editor. When I’m editing a code file and I write a line longer than the screen width (in vertical mode, haven’t tried with the iPad horizontally) very often the editor breaks the line automatically and places part of it on the next line, however a ghost line with the first word of the breaker line is rendered in between the two parts of the line.

That ghost line renders text which is not part of the code file because the application compiles and runs fine if I have no errors something that would no happen if these ghost words were part of the code file.

Tabbin the line o just adding some spaces sometimes fixes the problem.

Hope this gives you enough info to fix it.

Not just an iPad 1 problem. There’s not much to do about it but pick a nice spot in the line to put a return.

ok, let’s home they fix Itàlia soon! :slight_smile: