An idea- companion app. Possible?

Hey everyone, it’s obviously bed time because I’m getting all my ambitious ideas. Is it possible for an app made with Codea to communicate and interface/influence an Xbox 360/ Xbox One? This would be awesome, especially for use with games made by myself on Project Spark (which is awesome btw). From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look likely, but if it was possible and I passed it up I would hit myself. Or someone else. Or a wall. Take your pick.

Thanks for the help guys

I don’t know, it seems doubtful, but that would be awesome if someone could.

the only way for codea to communicate to the world, as I see, is the http socket. if you provide a web api, you could theoretically access anything…

Ahh k, thnx guys :slight_smile: defs something to look into. Will post further if I make any kind of progress :slight_smile:

@Rar_Ceth you could try having a codea app access a server with all the api’s for xbox/ps3 whatever by using


But good luck trying. Esspessially because we have no form of socket’s.