Every time I try to start Aircode, it says that I’m not connected to a WiFi network but I am! What is going on?

Its a work in progress, some dire bugs need to be fixed in order for it to be code-able in

How does AirCode work?

@aurumcoder2624 - AirCode makes Codea act as an HTTP server that is public to your local network. Then, you can log onto your iPad’s “server” in a browser, just like you would a normal website thousands of miles away. When the code in your browser changes, the app running on the device updates the code in realtime. I’m not quick sure completely how all the details work, since Lua is not a pseudo-assembly language. They are probably modifying the assembled code that the Codea runtime looks at on the fly.

So it’s a bound intranet accessing a server for Codea, that includes two devices, consisting of a master and a servant, the servant constantly self updating to the masters server address bound code? And it is written in Codea?

My question is slightly off topic. What is air code for. I mean it is fun to use, but is it suposed to help with debugging or make the coding process more efficent or what?

So you can type and code on a pc

So basically a different way to type code.

Another way, very cool for me, is to use 1Keyboard mac osx app for share the keyboard of the mac in bluetooth with the iPad. Cost less than buy a bluetooth keyboard…

Oh… You can use Aircode like that! Pretty cool! Except I also do not see the point of it. Why type on a PC when u have an iPad? I mean it is useful but an iPad in my opinion is better. And if u don’t have your iPad? So?

Some people like an actual keyboard rather than a virtual one.