(Ok - I offically can’t figure out how to link to a tweet. Twitter, you lose. Bad monkey, no biscuit).

Go look at the @TwoLivesLeft twitter feed - Simeon just tweeted about “aircode” - basically, push a button, connect your desktop web browser to your ipad, and you can edit code on the desktop, see it display/run on the ipad.

Uh - YES. Please. That’s awesome. I do this, on occasion, via ssh on a jailbroken ipad, but it’s kinda hinky, as I have to bounce codea to get it to see changes (sometimes). I’d love to see it supported via browser for real.

Codea is awesome because I don’t have to be tied to my desktop to code - but being able to take advantage of my desktop when I have it around is highly desirable. W00t!

Agreed, I am super stoked about this!

Awesome! Looks great!

Holy shit :open_mouth:


Drool, drool, drool … an double drool!!!

Better take some pills an calm down.




So does this mean that multiple users (including PC users) can work on one iPad at the same time? That would be useful!

I have no idea if this feature will pass review, so I can’t say if it will make it into release for 1.5.3.

It is only locally editing code (over WiFi) and doesn’t allow downloading over the Internet, so I’m hopeful that Apple will allow it through. But I can’t promise anything.

@inoddy that’s interesting, I haven’t tried that. Should be possible as long as they edit different files (edit the same file and it will probably screw up).

Awesome! Looking forward to it.

When will 1.5.3 come out? And if apple doesn’t approve of the feature, would you have to take it out, submit it again, and hope that apple says okay? How long would that take?

re. Apple approving it or not - I can’t see a good reason why they would not approve, other than Apple being Apple on occasion. There are plenty of Apps that run a webserver for things like file transfer - the fact that you’re (I assume) transferring some javascript and doing ajax connections should be nothing.

I’ve thought of doing something somewhat similar (not an editor - but a remote control app thing), back in the day - but no socket listen. :slight_smile: (insert standard begging for UDP packet send/receive here)