aircode crashes codea after few changes in code

Hello forums, is this a bug or is there a limit to the number of lines I should have on each tab?

Hi @archistudent,

Not sure if there is a limit on the number of lines in any Tab, I tried to use multiple Tabs to keep the focus tighter.

I have noticed Aircode crashing more frequently recently, usually when I have pasted in code that contains an error.

I also have trouble getting the cursor onto the first line to put a remark (–) title etc, and have problems getting the correct context menu up from the right mouse button - the left half of the editing page is one menu (excluding the paste option) and the right half is a different menu (including the paste option). Knowing these problems helps to avoid some issues.

I now tend to create a new project on Codea with the Tabs I expect to use and then run Aircode. There I edit directly or paste in relevant code. Note, in other parts of the forum you may have picked up that recent changes in Codea may be interpreted by Aircode as syntactical errors and may result in a crash.

If I think there may be an issue I paste into the rem marks --[[ and --]].

Hope this helps.

Have you anything specific which keeps crashing your system - I can check the code out on my system.

For info I use an iPad 2 with iOS 8.3, recent iOS changes appear to have caused some incompatibility problems.
I run Aircode on two Windows PCs using Win 7 and Win 8.



@Bri_G Hello Bri, On my last project, I decided to do it all in one tab to make copy/pasting/saving code/testing easier, it ended up at about 12k lines. (I remember about 9 months ago it would never crash no matter how many lines I had.)

The project I am working on now only has 1000 lines but even right at the start, at less than 200 lines, I would be typing the line in, and aircode will try to autorefresh the ipad even half way through the line, resulting in it crashing and then having to restart the app.

Currently, on average I find myself restarting codea once every 10 seconds. As a weird by-product of this, I tend to write a few full working functions before going into aircode mode to test it, or else it will be too tedious.

I dont sense there is a pattern in it crashing, just whenever it gets ‘unlucky’, but it is consistently happening every few new characters of code or modifications.

It also doesnt matter whether it is wifi at home or at uni, so I dont think its the networks fault.

My feeling is that it is trying to copy too many lines of code over at once, hence crashing?

About the first line of code and not being able to select it, I think there is a overlapping issue there with the “Codea is updating live. Press ??R or Ctrl+R to restart your project”, I remember this is quite a recent bug, maybe 4 months ago?

Also the auto-suggestion feature slows me down because I hit ‘enter’ or ‘tab’ then most times it autocorrects to a different word, so bloody annoying raaaargh. I type very quickly so the auto-suggestion feature is obsolete to me.