Acorn Mayhem - Now Available!

acorn mayhem is now available on the appstore! :slight_smile: get it here: :slight_smile:

Original Post:
I have been working on a game, “Acorn Mayhem”, made in codea and xcode, which is almost complete and ready for beta testing :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .

It is a retro style arcade like game where your goal is to catch acorns (but avoid the red ones) :slight_smile:

I am using testflight,if you want to help and be a beta tester, click here and folow the instructions here and post a reply to start beta testing :slight_smile:

as it is a universal app, both iPhone and iPad testers are welcome. enjoy! (and be sure to leave feedback) :slight_smile: :smiley:

acorn mayhem screenshot

menu screenshot
more screenshots

I think I signed up can’t see any builds though (I’m coder coder)

great @coder , I have added you to the build, try now :slight_smile: . Also, (once you test it) is there any lag? the ipod touch 5th gen is one of the devices I don’t have to test with and I need to know whether to classify it for low or high graphics settings. :slight_smile:

thanks for testing,


@pleiser I signed up! I’m new to testflight, but I don’t think I have the build yet.

@staples You have been added to the build :slight_smile: .

To download the app, once I have added you to the build, go to the testflight website (or click the testflight app icon) to see your available builds (in this case acorn mayhem) and have the option to install.

Edit: I see you have installed it :slight_smile: . what do you think?

@pleiser thanks. I have played around with your game for a bit now. I noticed a small glitch in the home screen, but other than that it’s a great game! When opening the app in landscape mode, the buttons on the home screen run off the page. Particularly, I can only see half of the credits button. However, this fixes itself when rotating to portrait and back to landscape.

@staples thanks for the positive feedback! can you send a screenshot of the glitch, for me it starts fine in landscape. it uses codea’s WIDTH and HEIGHT variables so should compensate for landscape (it works even on iphones (with a font size decrease)). is the glitch when ads are visible or when they arent?

thanks for the feedback,


@pleiser no problem. I took the screenshot. Here is the link to the photo. It happens when ads are not visible.

@staples thanks. That is weird, it seems to be using the width for both the width and the height. I can’t recreate the bug on my devices. The only explanation I can think of is some bug in codea that is setting the width and height to the same thing :-? . I will look into it more.


P.S. is there any lag? if not I will try enabling high graphics settings for your device type (original ipad mini)

@pleiser I signed up.

For anyone waiting for a screenshot, here are some images (showing 2 of normal mode, one of night mode, 1 of the menu, and one of landscape orientation in each of 3 screen sizes (and one of the app icon at the end)) :slight_smile:

Can I test?

@aurumcoder2624 Sure! click the link in the first post and follow the instructions (in the other link in first post) to become a beta tester.

@Saturn031000 , @coder , I see you have both installed, what are your thoughts on it so far?

@plesier It’s a cool game. It is better than I expected it to be. Maybe you could make an interactive tutorial? Like a normal game, but with instructions on the top as to what to do. Also, when you open the app, I see that Game Center has been integrated. Maybe you could make a leaderboard? Also, in the ‘playtesters’ section of the credits, it would be cool if you could include the testers from here as well, maybe in an ‘other testers’ or ‘forum testers’ section.

@Saturn031000 Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: I have been considering an interactive tutorial and will try to add one.

I setup a gamecenter leaderboard for each game mode, and one overall, but I don’t think gamecenter shows other people’s scores until the app is officially released (but you should be able to see your own scores if you go to the gamecenter app).

I have been adding the playtesters from here to the credits page, but haven’t pushed the update to testflight yet. On that topic, could everyone who participated (so far @Coder , @Staples , @Saturn031000 and @skyTheCoder ) reply with how you want your name to appear in the credits? (if you don’t reply I will use your forum names)


@pleiser, if you correctly set up game center in itunes connect, it should run in sandbox mode and show everyone’s scores.

@jakattak I did set it up in itunes connect, It runs in sandbox mode, but does not show other people’s high scores :frowning: . this page seems to say that it may be delayed, but I will double check in itunes connect.

@pleiser Use my real name. It’s cool. And as for the game center, I meant like an in-app leaderboard display.

@jakattak I don’t see any obvious problem in itunes connect, could the problem be caused by using the depricated gamecenter functions from this tutorial or the fact I am using testflight ?