A little help needed

I started to code again but now im stuck with this tiny piece of code that is not working…

function locationtest()
    if x>500 or 100 then
        print("i cant figure out why it doesnt work.........")

@Jessevanderheide What are you comparing to 100. You have x>500 but nothing comparing 100. What should it be. x<100, x==100, x>100

@dave1707 i want to compare x>500 to 100 and higher. but i kinda forget what i need to do there

@Jessevanderheide I still don’t know what you’re trying to compare. If x>500, then x is also greater than 100. Are you trying to compare x to 100 and greater or are you trying to compare x to 500 and greater. Your if statement doesn’t make sense.

@dave1707 let me explain it like this… Im trying to use print when my ellipse is in a certain position. I thought you would do that with if statements

@Jessevanderheide Using the x,y values for the center of your ellipse, you would do something like this. If x==100 and y==300 then print(“ellipse at 100,300”).

@Jessevanderheide .us reason a little.You 're trying to put that if X is greater than 500 “or” 100?. I think it not makes sense, @dave1707 is right and X taking a value greater than 500

because you do not put if X is greater than or equal to 100 ?

@dave1707 @Luismi oops im sorry i actually want less then 500 and greater than 100, and i think i actually figured it out why it doesnt print

if x >= 100 and x <= 500 then

Funny thing in Lua, you can’t compare multiple true or false questions at once. You need to separate them using “and” or “or.”

@SkyTheCoder but what else do expect? Boolean values can only be combined with ‘or’ or ‘and’, which gives different results. LUA cant know which one you’re expecting?

@Jmv38 I was speaking from a newbie’s perspective. If I was new, that wouldn’t make sense to me.

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@NatTheCoder I’m not sure how to pronounce boolean… I’ve heard both boo-lee-in and boo-leen.

@SkyTheCoder & @NatTheCoder I for one, prefer boo-leen.

I pronounce it Boo-lee-in

LOL. “Bool”. How hard can you mispronounce that?

@Zoyt Bool isn’t hard to pronounce. Boolean has multiple ways…

@SkyTheCoder - I’m just saying, why say the long way, and mispronounce it? How about this: http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=boolean

It really depends. If it has multiple ways of saying it, aren’t all the ways correct then, like potato(cant type the example, but i hope you’ve heard that saying)

surely the pronunciation of boolean has to be either true or false? :))