4 or 2 apps?

This really isn’t a Codea related question, but i figured you guys could help. I’m done with my second game and I want to make 2 versions of it. One paid with all the features and no ads and another will less features and ads. My question is: Is it better to create 2 universal apps or 4 device specific apps. Universal is probably better so that I won’t have to keep track of too many apps, when I update. Also, what do you think of these names: Flood+ (for the paid) and Flood Free.

PS: I’m going to try to make my app universal and have ads through @Reefwing’s future tutorial. They are awesome


Do it universal, and use IAP to allow ad disabling.

I agree - the fewer code bases you need to maintain the better. Although it is getting progressively more difficult. The iPhone 5 adds another resolution and who knows what the iPad mini will support.

.@Bortels I’m not really sure how to do IAP. @Reefwing is making a tutorial, but I’m not sure if that’ll work with ads and more features

.@Reefwing iOS developers only have to worry about the devices Apple makes. Imagine being an Android Developer. ha!

.@veeeralp IAP is pretty annoying to implement and test. I’d suggest staying away from it just because of the complexity.

.@Simeon thanks for the tip. Decided to just make 2 versions