Nobody mention 3D models or primitive geometry already? :slight_smile:

Ooh… I know they’re using GL to composite the image (read that somewhere)…

I got a wild hair…


Oh crud - my lines are drawn in the wrong z-order. I just noticed.

The fix is left as an exercise to the reader. (HA!)

Yes, this is all shenanigans to hold us until we can get to a real GL API. :slight_smile:

I have just put the 3 lines to draw the blue side before the green and it works :wink:
All start with the cube, we will see …

Not that it helps much but I made a fork with vec2 & vec3 commands leaving the other code as comments for comparison. This eliminates the need for two of functions and still work.

As far as if this is a better way to go, I don’t know. We don’t do vectors moving business data around.

I’d love to see it - post it to gist please! I did not write what I posted - I merely modified it for codify - so I’m very interested in how to do it properly :slight_smile:

Hmmm Couldn’t we already make 3D?

@warspyking Please don’t make comments on old posts. This one was from Nov 2011.

@dave1707 Does that make the discussion any less valuable?

@warspyking No, it doesn’t make the original discussion less valuable. But your comment doesn’t add any value to it and just brings old discussions that aren’t current to the top of the list. That isn’t the purpose of this of this forum.

@dave1707 I was attempting to ask a question about 3D stuff, is this not the discussion for that kind of talk?

@warspyking You’re correct, but you don’t need to hunt thru old discussions. If you have a question then you can start a new discussion, but it’s suggested that you do a forum search before you ask a general question. The forum has been around for more than 3 years and there are very few questions that you can’t find an answer to. If you looked at some of the example projects, then you would have seen some 3D programs.