1.4.2 beta

So - installed 1.4.2, and my library is gone.

Nothing’s lost - I backed it all up earlier today, after not having been able to find time to play with Codea for a few weeks. I am also not certain it’s 1.4.2 that did it - part of the reason I upgraded (I’m not getting the auto-alert anymore?) is because 1.4.1 was acting weird - the color() picker wasn’t popping up.

Anyway, thought I’d mention it in case you get other corroborating reports.

I’ve been quiet lately, work is crazy, and I had a hard drive crash, lost most of server-side dev stuff (including all of the server-side stuff for my planets game) - and I’ve been spending the time to set up things so it can’t happen again.

Damn, sorry to hear about the hard drive crash!

It’s weird that an update messed up your projects - it shouldn’t touch the documents folder.

I’ll be putting out another beta soon. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Like I said - it may simply be that “the update was what I was doing when I noticed my Codea was wonky”.

I have backups of all of that. I just don’t have backups of some server-side stuff (although thinking about it, I think the bulk of my planets stuff is actually on github as well, so I probably have 95% of it).

1.4.2 is being bumped to 1.4.3 due to the new project dependency feature. It would be really good to get feedback on this as it will speed up getting it into the App Store (it’s quite a large feature — hopefully not too buggy!)

Just installed. Will test.

Hi @Simeon, nice update. I am still to test dependencies, but great concept. I love the selecting by line numbers, and would suggest allowing that to scroll the window. I found myself wanting to select without having the keyboard up. Project selection is nice, scrolling is easier now. The Cargo Bot example has the no music flag on by default, so you won’t hear anything unless that is changed.

@Fred I disabled music for the example project because of the load time — it makes the UI unresponsive while loading, so you can’t immediately back out if you don’t want it to load. I figure people will be able to explore the project more easily (make changes and view them quickly). It might be good to make a note of it somewhere.

I wish I could do the line number selection without the keyboard being up, but I don’t believe it’s possible. As soon as there is a selection the keyboard will appear.

Having the dragging action scroll the window might be possible though, I’ll have to look into it.