1.3.1 3D for those of us waiting for 1.3.5

Hi All,

In an effort to get into 3D, learn the basic principles, I looked at simulating the perpetual ball in a box. Wanted to rotate the ball but had limited success with my own code and suggestions from several forum members. So I’ve post the code - gave me a chance to check out GitHub Gists. Also I,'m going to try to generate a video with Codea and post it. This code is way not finished or optimised, just like forum members views and suggestions.
Here is the code git://gist.github.com/2023503.git.



Hey @Bri_G - Could you pastebin it ? Not at home right now

Hi Xavier,
As soon as I receive my account registration email I’ll set it up for you.


Interesting… By the way, you might want to change the name from “1.31 3D for those of us waiting for 1.35” to “1.3.1 3D for those of us waiting for 1.3.5”. The little things bother me most. I’ll play around with it a little. Thanks!

Hi Zoyt/All,

When I went back to the gist reference I couldn’t find the original - so I stored it again and I also put in it in pastebin, together with my attempt to rotate a simple sphere using the rotate() command. Any advice on why it doesn’t work?






Any help would be greatly appreciated and may run the risk of setting the old grey cells into motion (headache!!!).