XCode: Sounds Play On Simulator Home Screen [Bug?]

The sounds of my app play even when the home button is virtually clicked and you’re on the home screen in the simulator. Is this normal? Also, could this be due to the method I use to play multiple repeating soundtracks at once?

    m1 = sound("A Hero's Quest:Rain", 0.2, 1, 0, true)
    m2 = sound("Game Music One:Nothingness", 1, 1, 0, true)

I’ve tried switching between sound and music (which only allows one track at a time unfortunately), and placed both in and out of setup and in different places in my code and it still plays once the app is closed. I’ve seen this thread, but it didn’t seem to show any conclusions


Is this due to the fact the simulator doesn’t have multitasking (double clicking the virtual home button via the keyboard command just brings you to the home screen, or is this a bug with the codea runtime? Thanks.

EDIT: After trying, i found that if you do it quick enough you can bring up multitasking. So is this a bug with my code or the runtime or does the simulator just work like that?