Xcode Runtime eventually crashes

@Luatee Isn’t close designed only for Codea, to exit back to the editor when in FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS? I don’t think there even is a way for an app to close itself, not even in Objective-C.

@SkyTheCoder is right. There’s no exit from an app short of user action to leave (home btn, or through notice selection, etc)

Question for other Codea/XCode users: is there a way to get failures in the Lua code to fail outside the runtime? It’s a rare event, but it’s confusing to the users when the app fails and dumps them to the error message inside the runtime.

@SkyTheCoder - You are actually (probably) incorrect. As of about at least 2 years ago, there was a way to manually close the app, but that might’ve been deprecated. I’ll have to look into it, though.
@Mark - That’s on my todo list for StackIt: Pretty much notify the user there was an error instead and restart the app, then report it to me over the web. If anything you might try inserting code into the event in the runtime controller file called “didChangeViewMode” and see if the Codea frame is paused. If so, then there was probably an error. Sadly, I haven’t looked into it yet.