Xcode Icon

I was looking at Xcode and I noticed that you need to load a lot of different App Icons for your app. Do you really have to make all those different icons to put it on the App Store?

No. I use a $5 app on the Mac App Store called “DevBox” that does all that for me (only one that works with iOS 7) and so much more. Some of the best $5 I’ve ever spent.

Thanks @zoyt !!! I will buy it right now!

Does DevBox work for the start up screen image? @zoyt

@Andrewsimpson4 - No, and I’m yet to find one, but I haven’t looked much. What I do in my app is have a black start screen (so just resize a black pixel in Preview to each screen size), then I fade it in to the app. Works quite nicely.

Thanks you @zoyt that worked good!