Xcode gamecenter_enabled = false; What does it mean?

Greetings! I’m pretty sure that have everything set up correctly in my Xcode project in order for Game Center to work (it has before). And now the only problem is that gamecenter_enabled = false. So I assume this means that game center is setup up correctly and that it has everything it needs, but why is this false if I’m signed into GameCenter on my device and GameCenter greeted me upon opening the app?

@Goatboy76, try this:

On AppDelegate.mm you will find this:

    //Uncomment the following line if you'd like to use the basic GameCenter addon:
    //[self.viewController registerAddon:[GameCenterAddon sharedInstance]];

    //See GameCenterAddon.h for the Lua API description.

Uncomment line 26