Xcode Errors

I just did a quick Xcode Export test and got a number of errors. I did have this working for Sideloading under the old version although I had to do some changes in the plist. I don’t know much about Xcode and will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

Is this exported from the latest version released in the last few days (2.3.3)?

Yes, this is the latest.

With Version 2.3.4(70), I’m down to 2 errors. Has anyone found a workaround for these? Thanks.

@DaveW want to try the latest Codea beta, which aims to fix Xcode export? If so then PM me your email address and I’ll invite you so you can test.

build 2.3.4 has still follwing problems with export:

  • *.codea directories are not included in the export (i.e. the codea main project and all dependencies are missing)
  • info.plist does not include dependencies

@ein_STein version 2.3.5 is just released and should address the missing assets and project.

great! works now out of the box again :slight_smile: - Thank you !