Working Copy revert requires close/open in Codea

If I do a revert changes in Working Copy, it seems that I have to close and open the project in Codea before the revert happens. Is that as intended?

@RonJeffries I think it’s a Codea bug. There are other instances where Codea doesn’t update changes that are made. Here’s an example. You can create new tabs and Codea knows they exist, buy you can read them yet. You have to get all the way out of Codea before you can read them.

function setup()
    for a,b in pairs(lst) do
        print("tabs  ",b)
    for a,b in pairs(lst) do

@RonJeffries hmm this is odd, when I revert a code change in Working Copy with Codea open side-by-side the code in the editor updates to reflect the revert.

For example, If I create a new tab with a test function, call that function from the main tab, then revert the entire repo I can see the new tab disappear and the code change back to the last commit.

Did you use the “Setup Synced Directory” feature to get the project into Working Copy? Are all file edits not being propagated through to Codea?

Back after surgical delay. I believe I did that. If I hadn’t, wouldn’t nothing at all go across? I’m still seeing things not update until I close and reopen the project, not just the tab.

@RonJeffries now that Codea supports open-in-place you might want to try moving your Codea project into Working Copy itself. Then tapping on it in the files app to edit in Codea. I haven’t tried this yet but it might be more reliable than the “Synced Directory” magic that Working Copy needed to do to work with Codea in the past.

I’ll experiment to try to find the best way to manage a project under Git.

May I ask which device and iOS version you are using?

New 3rd gen iPad Pro 12”, iOS 12.1.4.

I’ll try the open in place thing and report if I learn anything, thanks!

Putting the project in Files is tricky in that WorkingCopy doesn’t show up in Files per se but as its own separate-looking folder. And if you do, it’s just harder to work with, as the project (of course) doesn’t show up in Codea. Reverts and checkouts do not seem to work any better and generally require closing the project in Codea and re-opening it.

Not a show-stopper but it’d be better if it were more direct and immediate. I look forward to what you figure out. Meanwhile the WC-Codea hookup is pretty nice.


Hmm okay I’ll look into what’s going on shortly, I’m guessing it behaves this way for you even with new projects?

haven’t tried. and sometimes it does pick up a checkout or revert. it’'d be extra nice it, when you see it happening, you’d color the tabs or something … thanks!

That’s a good suggestion and doesn’t sound too tricky to do