Word Wrap Errors

If a line wraps with quotes, there are errors on screen.

Screenshot: http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p6/athros13/word_wrap_errors.png

I’ve fully closed the app, changed projects to no avail.

Sorry @athros. That happens because syntax highlighting doesn’t wrap. I’d recommend inserting newlines into your table declarations and tabbing out your code to make it nice and neat.

I generally try to format my code so that it fits within the portrait orientation without wrapping.

Is this something you guys eventually plan to address? Manually formatting to prevent line wrapping is cumbersome at best, and is not really a good solution for this problem.

@toadkick it is quite difficult to fix in the current system. I will try to address it in a future update, though.

Thanks @Simeon

I understand @Simeon, this was just the first time I’ve run into it. I’ll manually format as needed. Thanks for the response!

Also, @Simeon, that’s just a constants file. No real functions, or really anything but variable declarations, so no real tabbing. :wink:

I’ve seen quite a few oddities in the editor, such as switching between landscape and portrait leaving text artefacts on the screen and confusion when deleting where other parts of the line suddenly appear under the cursor. This is in 1.4 - I also find that if you hold down the backspace key, the whole app will often crash, presumably some sort of buffer overflow.

There is also a few oddities when it comes to alternate language keyboards. Some characters can cause slight artifacting

@Marsdaddy I believe that’s a threading issue we need to fix. The autocomplete builder is touching the line contents while you are deleting it.