Why the data can't refresh?

When I use http.request, and get data successfully. Whether I relaunch the program or restart Codea. Even turn my iPad to Flight mode. I can still request successfully. And the data won’t refresh when I change it in the server. How can I let it refresh every time when I try to get data from same URL?

@Syeswr that’s an interesting — it might be a caching issue. Is the data from a particular server somewhere? Or does it happen with any data?

I wonder if the server is configured to use etags or is serving the data with a particular cache policy.

We can probably expose the cache policy as an optional argument in the future so you can override whatever the server requests.

@Simeon It could be universal.

-- Downloading data
function setup()
    --   Request some data
    http.request( 'http://twolivesleft.com/hello.txt',
                  didGetData, didNotGetData )

-- Our callback function
function didGetData( data, status, headers )
    print( status..' : '..data )

-- Our failure function
function didNotGetData( error )
    print( "Failed to get data. Error:" )
    print( error )

I try to run this example from Codea reference once , and than flightmode my iPad. It still can get successfully. Even after I reboot my device.

@Syeswr i tried once to make a webapp in javascript. I turned crazy because of the data update problems, same as you. The trick is on the server side, to force the data to be resent systematically. Otherwise it is cached, on the web or your device, and you may have no update before a day or 2!

so you’ve got to have an ‘.htaccess’ filein your server directory with something like this in it:

# Do not remove this line, otherwise mod_rewrite rules will stop working
RewriteBase /
AddType text/cache-manifest manifest
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault "access"

i dont remember exactly which line does the trick, maybe ExpiresActive…

@Jmv38 It works! That’s awesome! Thanks.