Where to start on a FPS Game

Hello I am not quite grasping lua yet and was wondering where to begin on a fps game for ipad. I know how to make a fps game in Unity 3D for PC/Mac using JavaScript if that helps at all.
Basically, my idea is that there will be campaign and multiplayer (game Center)
You have a gun and you shoot AI.
My question is : where to start?

Try looking at the 3D Lab example for basic 3D rendering. Once my game is out, too, I would recommend looking through my code and seeing how it renders everything. (Don’t worry, I’ll probably have it out by tomorrow.) Either way, I would look at @spacemonkey’s example game using his LitMesh class too. (http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/2379/ads-lighting-class#Item_1)

I have over 20 tutorials on creating a 3D scene suitable for FPS, starting here. It includes terrain, buildings, scenery, lighting, etc.


Start with making the floor? I mean it sounds stupid but its better (from what I’ve experienced) to create the floor first and get the movement correct and then start adding in obstacles, if you know how 3D programming works it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up in lua anyway

Slightly off-topic: Codea doesn’t have support for Game Center, so multiplayer would be impossible :frowning:

Isnt it possible to do a peer to peer via a server with lua socket? Doe that requires lua socket to be a part of Codea wich I really think it should!

1: I’m not quite sure what Lua socket is.
2: You might be able to have multiplayer using your own private servers, but you can’t access Game Center as far as I know. (Hack?)

@SkyTheCoder actually, you can.
This website (http://codeatuts.blogspot.ca/2012/09/tutorial-19-integrating-game-centre.html)
has a tutorial on integrating Game Center.
Also @Ignatz , your 3D Town code does not work for me. it has 3 errors.

1: You pasted in the link twice.
2: I know you can add in support for Game Center through Objective C, but I meant that from within the Codea app, using lua, I don’t believe there is a way to use Game Center.

Uhhh none of your code works @Ignatz

KinGamer- that is really useful feedback, thank you. It works fine on my iPad but I guess I should just rewrite all of it for you.

If you want to be helpful rather than rude, please tell me exactly what doesn’t work, so I can see what the problem is.

@Ignatz oh Im so sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. I was In a bit of a bad mood when I wrote that. The problem There is something wrong with the code because something is always “null”

that’s ok, kingamer, but please be a little more tactful. I spent dozens of hours developing that code and took the trouble to write 20 tutorials about it, to help other people.

And just because you have a null doesn’t mean the code is necessarily at fault, either… It’s possible one of the images didn’t download, for example. So let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Now, what is the something that is “always null”? Codea gives good error messages, so all I need is the exact message, including the tab name and line number.

Doesn’t happen with me. Haven’t tried copy pasting all your codes @Ignatz but the last one in post 71(whole of 3D) worked just perfectly for me!!

Thanks, Saurabh!